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Pour-over for the best tasting coffee in the North-East

At Kaffeehaus Amadeus we specialise in pour-over coffees. We believe that in order to get the best flavour from a single origin bean (a particular coffee from one coffee farm) is to individually prepare each cup using the pour-over method. This method guarantees great tasting coffee and you can enjoy different coffee flavours depending on what bean you choose.

Our Viennese Style coffees in particular are very popular and the slideshow opposite shows how we create one of our most popular coffees – the Fiaker.


What Makes A Good Cup of Coffee?


Here at Kaffeehaus Amadeus we understand that a good cup of coffee depends upon a number of things; the most important being the growing, roasting and preparation of the coffee beans themselves. That’s why all of the coffee we use has been grown and roasted by expert coffee-farmers and roasters to ensure that you get the best possible cup of coffee!


The growing of coffee needs experience and the expertise of passionate coffee farmers. The flavour and quality of coffee depends not only on the region, weather, altitude, and soil, but also on the methods of harvesting, cleaning, drying and shipping.


In order to get the best flavour out of a coffee bean, the experienced roaster needs to determine roast method, temperature, and time that best suits a specific single origin coffee or a blend of beans. Each coffee needs individual attention and a passionate roaster will spend a lot of time to make sure that a specific coffee is roasted to a certain profile to deliver the best flavour in the cup.


This is where we, at Kaffeehaus Amadeus, have to excel. While we depend on farmers, cooperatives and roasters to deliver a great bean to the coffee house, it is now up to us to make sure that quality coffee beans turn into the most delicious cup of coffee you could possibly drink!

Freshness & Flavour – The Four Rules for Fantastic Coffee


Rule Number 1 – Use Fresh Coffee!

The first rule of freshness and flavour: freshly roasted coffee! It sounds simple, but you hardly get it anywhere. Once coffee is roasted it should be used within four weeks. At Kaffeehaus Amadeus, we do exactly that – our coffee is hand-roasted to order each week – this is absolute freshness. If you want to know if coffee is fresh, you need to now when it was roasted.

Rule Number 2 – Grind on Demand

The second rule of freshness and flavour: grind only on demand! Once coffee is ground it has to be used straight away, if it lies around flavour and freshness deteriorate. This is why we only use a special “grind on demand grinder” and prepare each cup of coffee, drip filter coffees or espresso based cappuccinos and lattes individually to order.

Rule Number 3 – Grind on the Correct Setting

The third rule of freshness and flavour: correct grind! Depending on what kind of coffee you want and what method you use, you have to adjust the coffee grind and the amount of coffee you use. For instance, for an espresso you need a very fine grind, while for a drip filter coffee it must be coarser.

Rule Number 4 – Brewing

The fourth rule of freshness and flavour: correct brewing! This depends mainly on equipment (espresso machine or pour over drip filter technique), extraction or brewing time, water temperature or pressure – and, in case of a cappuccino or latte, must include the correct steaming of the milk. An excellent espresso shot, for instance, should take about 25-30 seconds, it should run out of the espresso machine like a smooth and thick honey like liquid, forming a thick ‘crema’ on top of the cup – this is a sign of freshness and correct extraction.



A dark smokey coffee from Chikmagalur in India. This is a Monsoon Malabar coffee and has been exposed to the monsoon winds for six weeks to create a unique spicy, dark chocolate flavour that no other coffee can match.

A good strong bold coffee that can handle also plenty of milk.



Body 100%
Sweetness 40%
Acidity 10%

El Salvador

Our El Salvador coffee selection is from the Shekinah estate in El Salvador. This speciality Arabica coffee is carefully roasted to bring out all the vanilla notes and preserve the lively citrus acidity.

This is a coffee that is sweet, smooth and well balanced.



Body 60%
Sweetness 80%
Acidity 80%

Brazil (decaffinated)

This beautiful coffee from Brazil delivers a smooth mild flavour with notes of chocolate and nuts. This is a 100% chemical free decaffeinated coffee using the Swiss Water Process.



Body 60%
Sweetness 40%
Acidity 20%