Kaffeehaus Amadeus is open on Saturdays & Sundays between 11am & 4pm

Spring Concert

Spring Concert

Our next Spring Concert with wonderful music (soprano, bariton and piano) and great food after the concert is scheduled for Saturday, 7th March 2020, 6pm. For more details, please see poster.

Want to book? Please give us a call: 01207 520056

About Bernhard Nausner

Born in Vienna, I have a passion for coffee, cake and ‘Gemütlichkeit.’ I love to meet new people and share with them my passion for coffee, cakes and a good conversation. Baking a cake, melting chocolate for a Sachertorte or preparing my signature coffee ‘Kaffee Amadeus” is always a work of art – endeavouring to make you smile so you can enjoy coffee and food with all your senses.