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Coffee Bean

A Taste of Vienna

(In the heart of county durham)

You might wonder how did an Austrian café come to be in the beautiful village of Lanchester in the North East of England?! Well let me tell you.

Living in Vienna, Salzburg and various places in southern Germany, I experienced “Kaffeehäuser” as unique meeting places with great atmosphere where quality coffee and homemade products were of paramount importance.

In line with my own Austrian-German heritage I aim to create something unique where Kaffeehaus Amadeus embodies my passion for great coffee, quality food and a good conversation.

Here at Kaffeehaus Amadeus in Lanchester my team and I endeavour to craft an atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy great coffee, breakfasts, lunches and cakes. We believe in quality and freshness and therefore all our products are made and prepared on site. Our coffee is roasted by myself and we only use ethically sourced speciality graded beans ensuring you receive the perfect flavourful cup! If you would like to learn more about our coffee please visit for more information.

We are a small team but we believe in great customer service and love to get to know our customers and have a good conversation if time allows. Hope to make your acquaintance soon…

Bernhard Nausner

Meet The Team

(A Melting Pot of Great Taste!)

Just like Vienna is a melting pot of different cultures and ethnic groups, so is our Kaffeehaus Amadeus Team. We’ve had coffee lovers from all over the world, including Austria, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, England and Poland, sharing their passions and working together to prepare great coffee and bring you a friendly service making your experience the most enjoyable of the day.

Bernhard Nausner

Bernhard Nausner

Born in Vienna, I have a passion for coffee, cake and ‘Gemütlichkeit.’ I love to meet new people and share with them my passion for coffee, cakes and a good conversation.

Baking a cake, melting chocolate for a Sachertorte or preparing my signature coffee ‘Kaffee Amadeus” is always a work of art – endeavouring to make you smile so you can enjoy coffee and food with all your senses.

Carina Nausner

Carina Nausner

Born in South Germany, I grew up with the Kaffee und Kuchen culture where good conversation amongst family, friends and neighbours over excellent coffee and cake was a way of life. I enjoy being part of the Kaffeehaus team continually learning to develop my coffee making techniques and knowledge and sharing my passion for good coffee with our customers.

I love nothing more than a beautiful freshly brewed black pour-over coffee and recommend everyone work their way through our different single origin beans to find their favourite.

Sally Hancox

Sally Hancox

I absolutely love coffee and Kaffeehaus Amadeus has the best coffee. It’s fabulous to work in a small family business where we are encouraged to provide an excellent customer experience.

We take our time to prepare great fresh coffee and food and spend a little time interacting with our customers, which I love.

Agnieszka Trojanowska

Agnieszka Trojanowska

I am so happy to be a part of the Amadeus team as it allows me to meet and interact with other coffee enthusiasts such as myself. I love coffee – there’s nothing better than savouring its delicious taste and fresh aroma.

Working here has also given me the opportunity to learn more about various brewing and serving methods which has been an exciting experience.