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Coffee Bean

Embrace the value of Gemütlichkeit

(And Leave Your Worries At The Door)

It is our desire to take you on a culinary journey and introduce you to a small taste of our Austrian-German heritage. In Austria and Southern Germany we are very fond of our cakes and sweet dishes. Time is taken to enjoy the company of friends and embrace the value of “Gemütlichkeit”, a complete sensory experience. Drinking coffee, accompanied by cake, waffles or Palatschinke (Austrian pancakes) is an act of pure pleasure.

At Kaffeehaus Amadeus we want to create a place where you can leave your worries at the door and take time for good friends, great conversation, delicious cakes and of course exquisite coffee!

Coffee Bean


(Speciality Coffee Inspired By Durham)

We are very proud of the coffee we serve here at Kaffeehaus Amadeus, not only do we solely use ethically sourced speciality graded coffee beans, but we also roast them ourselves – welcome to our sister business Durham Coffee!

Our personal favourite go-to method of brewing coffee is pour-over. The pour-over method creates a beautifully smooth cup and is great for savouring all the different coffee flavours released by various beans. So whether you favour a double-shot espresso, a smooth V60 or fancy something as indulgent as our signature Kaffee Amadeus (a black pour over with vanilla ice-cream topped with whipped cream and cocoa sprinkles) here at Kaffeehaus Amadeus you can be sure that we take our coffee seriously

Coffee Bean


(A Great Way To Start The Day)

There’s nothing nicer than settling down to read the paper, unless of course you settle down to read the paper while eating one of our fabulous continental breakfasts.

There’s freshly baked croissants, home-made bread with butter & jam as well as ham & cheese, or why not try one of our tasty warm breakfasts such as scrambled eggs with smoked salmon? Sunday (or any other morning) will never be the same again especially when you pair your breakfast with a freshly brewed pot of one of our single origin bean drip-filter coffees.

Coffee Bean


(Tasty Options Including Vegan & Gluten Free)

If you fancy something a little more savoury then why not try one of our Wiener Jausen? A light luncheon including a variety of meats and cheeses all served with our homemade bread.  (Vegan option available)

For those of you who are gluten free, fear not, we have a tasty option for you too in the form of our Hertzhafte Palatschinken (savoury pancakes) with a variety of tasty fillings including a creamy salmon dill delight.

Alternatively, we often serve seasonal specials using delicious fresh produce from Abundant Earth, a local organic farm; so keep your eyes peeled for what’s on offer.

Coffee Bean


(Enjoy A Slice of Happiness)

Here at Kaffeehaus Amadeus we know that coffee & cake = pleasure and so we aim to cover all dietary needs to ensure that everyone can enjoy a slice of happiness. Our selection of cakes changes daily but usually includes: Käsekuchen (a lovely light German baked cheesecake), Sachertorte (the famous Viennese chocolate cake, which is also gluten free), a delicious vegan cake (such as our popular Peach & Coconut cake) and a gorgeous gluten-free Mandelkuchen or almond cake.

Other sweet things on our menu include Waffles, Palatschinken (glorious gluten-free pancakes) and Heiβe Liebe (creamy vanilla ice cream topped with warm raspberries and whipped cream – heavenly *and also available as a vegan option*).